Free Ju Jitsu classes

You are welcome to try Ju Jitsu at our facilities (Dojo) two times for free. Please have a look at Our Timetable to see when to attend to beginners classes. You can start training our Ju Jitsu self defence system at any given day throughout the year. Our syllabus adapts to your available time to train very easily. If you would like to try please arrive in sports clothing, you do not need training shoes since we train barefooted on our exercise mat area (Tatami). We adhere to good cleanliness and ask you to please wash your feet in our facilities before you enter our Tatami area. We have showers on location. Please note that we remove our outdoor shoes in our entrance area. Our Dojo is a shoe free area. Once inside our Dojo please talk to any of our Blackbelt members and introduce yourself. We recommend that you bring some water or other thirst quenching drinks with you. Once called on to the mat area (Tatami) please line up according to our Sensei’s instructions.  Usually we start with some warmups and then proceed to some practice. We usually work in pairs and our Sensei will organise the pairing according to each individual’s level. It is paramount that the student (Senpai) follows the Sensei’s commands and instructions. Good discipline needs to be obeyed to minimise injuries.