Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I come and try?
A: Yes. The best way to discover whether ju-jitsu is something for you is simply to come and try. Everybody´s welcome to train two times for free. We´re situated at Ármúla 19.


Q: When does the course start?
A: You can come and start training anytime in the year since we´re repeating all the basics. This way you don´t have to worry about missing out on anything.


Q: I don´t have a gi (ju-jitsu outfit), what should I wear?
A: No jewelry, no socks (avoid chance of slipping), just wear a regular training suit. Changing rooms (no lockers though) are available.


Q: Should I buy a gi (ju-jitsu outfit) right away?
A: No. Maybe not right away but ofcourse it´s best to use the right equipment for the sport. You might have trained another martial art from which you still have a gi which you can use. Or you can order your suit and other products with us.


Q: What´s the difference between Brasilian jiu jitsu and the traditional Japanese ju-jitsu which you teach?
A: We practice the traditional form which is probably comparable to a mix of judo and karate. Just like judo and karate also Brasilian jiu jitsu has it´s roots in the traditional Japanese style and is probably best described as (ground) wrestling.


Q: Is it possible to compete at your school?
A: No. Ju-jitsu is a martial art and not a martial sport, it´s taught how to defense yourself and to get a great work out. You´ll gain more strength, endurance and self confidence.


Q: Shouldn´t I be in top condition to be able to participate?
A: No. We try to warm up slowly in the beginners class and build up strength and endurance along the way.


Q: Should I wear any protective gear?
A: No, you´re welcome to do so but it´s not necessary.


Q: How much does a subscription cost at your school?
A: Have a look at our fees


Q: How do I pay for the classes?
A: First you need to register yourself online, then it´s easiest to transfer the fee to our account.


Q: I would like to come and try but it´s difficult due to my kids. Is there any area where they can play?
A: Unfortunately there´s no one extra available to watch over your kids but older children ar welcome to sit along the side and play. We also offer ju-jitsu classes for childern.


Q: When do you train?
A: Have a look at our schedule


Q: Where are you located?
A: See a map


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